Private Sessions with Lorna

In person or by Skype for Individuals or Couples


Working with me one on one can offer an environment to address more personalized explorations of your erotic and sensual learning.


Some people are ready for or prefer private sessions.


This can include a variety of practices and modalities, including breathwork, boundary / consent practice, movement, erotic coaching, hands-on bodywork, intimacy practices, communication skills and more.


I value offering a complimentary 30 minute consultation because it gives us an opportunity

to see if it's a fit for us to work together and start to develop a educational plan for you.


To schedule your complimentary consultation or for more information:


Please contact Lorna:


I'm looking forward to connecting with you :)

"Erotically alive sex education that begins with you!"


Services offered

• Breast Massage
• Scar Tissue Remediation
– Post childbirth, surgery, injury
• Expanding and Exploring Pleasure
• Loving the Skin You’re In
• Exploring Orgasm
• Themed Session Packages Available
Experiences / Focuses
• Listening / Trusting the Wisdom of Your Body
• Awakening to Your Own Sexuality
• Exploring and Expanding Your Sexuality
• Scar Tissue Remediation
• Witnessing / Being Witnessed
• Breath, Movement and Sound Coaching
• Boundaries – Identifying and Speaking
• Speaking Your Desire
• Orgasmic Yoga Coaching
•Taoist Erotic Massage
• Anal Massage for Health and Pleasure
• Up and Down Regulation of Arousal
• Pleasure and Sensation Mapping
• Sensation Play
• Building Intimacy
• Erotic Massage for Couples
• Pleasure and Sensation Mapping
• The Art of Giving and Receiving Touch
• Expanding Your Sexual Repertoire
• Prostate Massage
• Prolonging and Expanding Pleasure
• The Pleasure of Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm
• Transforming Premature Ejaculation
• Understanding Erectile Dysfunction
• Themed Session Packages Available
To support your ongoing erotic explorations, integration and practice, I offer sessions in Series of 10, 5 and 3 sessions.
90 min sessions  $250
You may also book multiple hour sessions.
Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation:
You are invited to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation  with me, and together we’ll see if working together seems like a fit.
Changes or Cancellations:
To honor the commitment we are both making to our scheduled time, if you need to make changes to an appointment, a minimum of 24 hrs notice is required.   Sessions canceled less than 24 hours before our scheduled session will be invoiced to you.
*As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, I am honored to support your embodiment through erotic practice, and to do so, I celebrate and adhere to the protocols and ethical standards of Sexological Bodywork .  This includes me using one-way touch (me to you), and I am clothed for your sessions.

“I cannot tell you enough how powerful and life altering the things you and I have explored together

have been in my life - breathing exercises, self pleasuring, and home play coaching -  I am basking in

the progress I have made, and excited about all that is still to come! Thank you so much!”

- Dana

For inquires and complimentary private session consultations please contact Lorna

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